Psychological Horror

work in progress

Redefine your meaning of horror

The Director's Cut is a story-driven psychological horror game set in a 1984, USA. Adam entering a reality show for a chance to be the next horror movie star. All he has to do is survive until dawn in a mansion full of traps and horror's. it's going to be a long night.

A modern take on classic survival-horror formula

• Fixed camera angles
• Cinematic cutscenes
• Inventory managment
• Dynamic QTE sequences
• Thrilling stealth gameplay

DREAMu | Remember something you never knew

This game using dreamulator or DREAMu. DREAMu is a built in system that imitate work of 5th-6th generation gaming consoles.
It's has custom BIOS, in-game overlay, flexible graphics settings and many more features.

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